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* NewTek announces promo-priced Advanced Edition software bundles for schools

Click here for details!

* Telestream ships their Wirecast Gear turnkey switcher and streaming solution.

Click here for details!

* Dealer demo NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i for sale!

The system includes the 7-inch case monitor, records four files to the internal hard drive and has the Advanced Edition software installed on it. Click here for the details . . . . You'll be glad that you did!

* Matrox Monarch LCS Lecture Capture Appliance

Click here for the details . . . .

* NewTek releases TalkShow VS 4000

NewTek releases their new TalkShow VS 4000    4-channel Skype receiver/transmitter which costs $7,995.00.

* NewTek publicly discusses NDI technology for IP video

Click here for the video!